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10 Things to Know About Mortgage Holidays

Posted on 15 January 2021 by

For many UK families, the economic reality caused by Covid-19, and to a lesser-known extent, Brexit, is starting to hit home. Jobs are quite simply less secure than they once were - with obvious impacts on our ability to pay critical bills such as mortgage repayments.

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EHIC loss: Brits could face huge medical bills in EU after December 31

Posted on 18 December 2020 by

Britons who take holidays on mainland Europe without travel insurance could face huge medical bills if they fall sick or are injured, according to a report by Which?

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Top 10 Things to See in Riga, Latvia

Posted on 11 December 2020 by

Latvia's capital city is bursting with youthful vigour, boasting a pulsating nightlife and a vast array of great dining spots. The city centre is packed with medieval architecture, while further out more than 800 art nouveau buildings - the most any in the world - add a grandiosity to the old cobbled streets.

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