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Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Getting your medical emergency treatment right abroad is important, so to make sure your policy fully covers you, you’ll need to tell us about any pre-existing medical condition affecting your health.

This will mean that we can give you the correct level of cover and support for travel with medical conditions.

All you need to do is complete a quote online.

Our travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions offers:

  • Travel insurance for multi and single trips
  • Cover for most medical conditions
  • Quick and easy questions
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Important Information

Important Information

To view our user friendly policy documents and see the full policy features, benefits, cover levels and limitations, please click on the link below

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Quick and easy medical screening for travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

1. Get a quote online or give us a call

Here at, we make it straightforward to arrange for travel insurance with medical conditions. All you need to do is answer a few questions either online or over the phone for yourself and anyone else the policy is for.

2. Tell us about your conditions

Let us know about the conditions you have and the medications you take.

You can help us by telling us everything you know, so we can ensure you have the right travel insurance for existing medical conditions in place for your needs. This information is important otherwise there's a risk you might not be protected by your travel insurance if you have a problem while you're traveling aboard.

3. Cover

We’ll review all of your information and provide you with a quote for travel insurance for your existing medical conditions.

If we’re unable to deliver travel insurance for medical conditions to cover your needs, we’ll give you advice on where to find information on getting the most suitable policy for you.

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Pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance FAQs

If the FCDO states it’s safe to travel to your destination, we’ll cover the costs of emergency medical expenses and costs to return you back home to the UK if you fall ill on your trip, and provided it’s medically safe.

Yes, it’s very important that you let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions when applying for your travel insurance. If you choose not to let us know, you won’t be covered under your travel insurance, for anything that arises from, is related to, or has been caused by any pre-existing medical conditions.

Everyone is different, so depending on the answers you give, we will ask you questions based on your circumstances. For any travel insurance with medical conditions, we’ll ask for a recent medical history of each condition, if you have had any issues and if you take any medication.

For anything that is classed as a non-emergency treatment or is part of your current medical routine such as taking set medication, we’re unable to cover you for this. So, if you’re on any prescription medications, please check you have enough for your time away.

You can use a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card which replaces the EHIC once it has expired) or EHIC to get "necessary healthcare" from state services when you’re visiting an EU country.

Necessary healthcare means healthcare that becomes medically necessary during your stay, and you cannot reasonably wait until you’re back in the UK to get it.

However, not all state healthcare is free in the EU and you may have to pay for services that you’d get for free on the NHS. So for protection, it’s best to get the travel insurance for medical conditions that is right for your needs and gives you added cover for other elements such as flight delays, cancellations and lost baggage.

Yes, if your GP has provided the appropriate "fit to fly" certificate confirming you are fit to travel. This needs to be issued no earlier than five days before your trip begins. You’ll not be covered if the expected due date is less than 12 weeks (16 weeks for a multiple birth) after the scheduled end of the trip.

If you develop a medical condition after you have purchased a policy with us, then you must let us know as soon as possible. If you don’t inform us, then unfortunately we won’t be able to cover you as this would be classed as a pre-existing medical condition before you travelled. We may ask you a couple of questions based on your new medical condition diagnosis and treatment, and you may need to pay a little extra to top-up your travel insurance cover, depending on your needs.

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