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Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you are taking just one or two trips over the next year, our great value single trip travel insurance policies may be a great option for you.

Trip cancellation cover commences immediately upon purchase, providing peace of mind until your departure date arrives.

What Types of Trips Are Covered by Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Whether you are going away on your annual holiday or taking a golf or business trip, you can rely on to offer the type of single trip travel insurance cover you require.

We Have the Whole Family Covered

Looking for family holiday insurance for a single trip?

All our single trip holiday insurance packages can be purchased for individuals or groups meaning that whether you are a solo traveller and require a single travel insurance policy, or heading overseas with the whole family and require family travel insurance for a single trip, we have you covered.

What Kinds of Single Trip Travel Insurance Do We Offer?

There are three types of single trip insurance policy to choose from that all provide you with additional options, enabling you to select the best single trip travel insurance policy to suit your needs.

Worldwide Single Trip Travel Insurance

Whether you are looking for single trip worldwide travel insurance or travel insurance single trip cover for somewhere more far flung, each of our three types of single trip cover are available for a vast array of destinations.

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Our cheap single trip travel insurance provides cost effective cover for people that are planning to go on holiday abroad once or twice a year.

Travellers looking to insure themselves with one trip insurance cover can usually find products varying from expensive to cheap single trip insurance.

What Does Single Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

Depending on the type of insurance chosen, the single trip holiday insurance policy is likely to include (but not limited to) emergency medical expenses, cancellation, legal expenses, possessions, personal accident cover and travel delays.

Do You Need Single Trip Holiday Insurance?

If you are only going away once or twice in a whole year then single trip travel insurance is usually the correct choice for you.

Whether you are going away alone or with friends or family, single trip travel insurance will provide you with cover in case the unexpected were to happen.

Last minute business trip? If you’re travelling to a business meeting and back on the same day, we can even provide single day travel insurance to cover your trip.

However, if you are going on multiple trips, or you think you might be planning to do so, then annual multi-trip Insurance might be the better solution for you than one-off travel insurance, saving you time and money.

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Benefit 3 star
4 star
5 star
Emergency medical and repatriation expenses £10 million £10 million £15 million
Cancellation £1,000 £2,500 £5,000
Curtailment and loss of holiday £1,000 £2,500 £5,000
Personal accident £5,000 £10,000 £20,000
Personal possessions £1,000 £2,000 £2,500
Personal money £200 £400 £400
Gadget cover £500 £500 £750
Passport and other documents £200 £250 £300
Missed departure £300 £500 £750
Personal liability £2,000,000 £2,000,000 £2,000,000
3 star
Emergency medical and repatriation expenses £10 million
Cancellation £1,000
Curtailment and loss of holiday £1,000
Personal accident £5,000
Personal possessions £1,000
Personal money £200
Gadget cover £500
Passport and other documents £200
Missed departure £300
Personal liability £2,000,000
4 star
Emergency medical and repatriation expenses £10 million
Cancellation £2,500
Curtailment and loss of holiday £2,500
Personal accident £10,000
Personal possessions £2,000
Personal money £400
Gadget cover £500
Passport and other documents £250
Missed departure £500
Personal liability £2,000,000
5 star
Emergency medical and repatriation expenses £15 million
Cancellation £5,000
Curtailment and loss of holiday £5,000
Personal accident £20,000
Personal possessions £2,500
Personal money £400
Gadget cover £750
Passport and other documents £300
Missed departure £750
Personal liability £2,000,000

Terms and Conditions apply. Please note, an excess may apply for any claim. For more details, please see the policy wording or call us on 0333 320 1240. The above amounts are based on per person.

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Before you travel it is best to check the most up-to-date travel advice around COVID-19 restrictions which can be found on the Government website

If you are travelling to Europe we now offer Enhanced Covid-19 Protect Cover add-on to policies purchased directly from us and not through a price comparison website, giving greater protection against a wider range of COVID-19 related issues.

How to add Covd-19 Protect Cover to your policy

You can easily add this to your policy, when choosing your policy type, prior to purchase. Alternatively, if you already have a policy with us and require the benefits of the add-on please call our customer service team who can assist you in adding it to an existing policy.

What does Covid-19 Protect cover?

The key benefit is the add on will cover you if you choose to travel against FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) advice in relation to COVID-19, as long as the advice is against “all but essential travel” solely as a result of COVID-19.

You should contact your Travel Agent, Tour Operator, airline or accommodation or credit card provider for a refund in the first instance.

Booked through a Travel Agent or Tour Operator

If you booked with a Travel Agent or Tour Operator, you should contact them first to see if you can make any changes to your trip, or if they are able to offer you a refund.

You can make a claim under the Package Travel Regulations if any travel intermediary booked two or more parts of your holiday together and they are then unable to deliver the full package.

You should not pay any additional payments to your Tour Operator or Travel Agent without confirmation that any additional payment is fully refundable should the trip be cancelled for any reason by the operator (for example the balance of the holiday cost where you have only paid a deposit so far).

Booked flights only or accommodation only 

If you booked your travel independently, you should still approach the travel provider (airline, accommodation provider etc) in the first instance to rebook or for a refund.

If you have alternative dates to travel after contacting your Travel Agent or Tour Operator, airline and/or accommodation provider, please contact our team who will update your policy. Please note, any change to your policy may result in a change of premium.

Depending on which of our travel insurance packages you choose, from expensive to our cheap single trip insurance, we will be able to cover up to £5,000 in the event of a cancellation.

This compensation can be used to cover deposits or package holiday cancellation charges, travel costs and accommodation hire, car hire, activities and excursions, reasonable cancellation fees from pet sitting services and car parking fees.

Sometimes, cancelling a trip is completely unavoidable. At Start Travel we understand completely if something happens which makes the trip impossible.

You can claim on your travel insurance if one of these situations occurs: 

  • The death, Bodily Injury or Illness, as certified by a Medical Practitioner, of You, Your Relative, Colleague or travelling companion or of a friend with whom You had arranged to stay; or
  • Your attendance at a court of law as a witness (except as an expert witness) or for Jury Service where postponement of the Jury Service has been denied by the Clerk of the Courts Office; or
  • You or Your travelling companion being a member of the Armed Forces, Police, Ambulance, Fire or Nursing Service and Your or their authorised leave being cancelled due to an unexpected emergency or a posting overseas at the time of Your trip; or
  • You or Your travelling companion being instructed to stay at Home (within 7 days of Your departure date) by a relevant authority due to severe damage to Your or their Home or place of business in the United Kingdom caused by serious fire, explosion, storm, flood, subsidence or burglary; or
  • Your involuntary redundancy or that of Your travelling companion or Your spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner, notified after the purchase of this Policy or after the trip was booked, whichever is later.

It’s important to make sure you have travel insurance any time you go abroad. Around 48% of holidaymakers are unaware that without travel insurance they will have to pay for their medical care abroad.

It’s a misconception that your in-date EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or a Global Health Insurance Card will act as travel insurance. However, if you need medical attention, chances are only a portion of the costs will be taken care of.

Additionally, European Health Insurance Card) and Global Health Insurance Cards will not cover larger expenses such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, flights back to the UK or lost or stolen property, whereas travel insurance will.

At Start Travel we offer an extensive range of optional add-ons to enable you to truly tailor your cover to suit your travel requirements. For example, opting for our winter sports cover add-on will ensure you have single trip ski insurance cover.

We also offer cruise cover, enhanced gadget cover, golf cover, travel insurance cover for pre-existing medical conditions and cover for weddings.

Our travel insurance with medical conditions will cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions and is available for both single trip and annual trip travel.

It is very important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions BEFORE you take out your policy and that you update us if there are any changes to your medical conditions. You may need to pay a little extra to top-up your travel insurance cover, depending on your needs.

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