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5 Budget-Friendly European Destinations |

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5 Budget-Friendly European Destinations

Posted on 11 December 2020 by

If your holiday fund is running a bit low, fear not, there are a host of budget-friendly places to visit across Europe for when the 'new normal' appears. Swap St Tropez for Albana's Saranda, Zurich for Sarajevo, and Amafli for Estonia's wild Baltic coast - and save yourself a packet.

1. The Albanian Coast

Dreaming of a trip to the Côte d’Azur or some other money-guzzling Meditrranean resort? Why not try the Albanian Coast, where you'll discover sun-washed beaches, beautiful mountainscapes and almost no development - for a great deal less.


  • Visit the Butrint archaeological park
  • Try a wine tasting tour in Berat


Daily costs:

  • Basic: €25, moderate: €40
  • Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€30


2. Bansko, Bulgaria

Love skiing and snowboarding but put off by the high costs? Why not head to Bansko, Bulgaria's main ski resort - where prices are fraction of a visit to the French or Austrian Alps (a beer costs 1 euro!).



  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Rafting on the Kresna Gorge


Daily costs:

  • Basic: €25, moderate: €40
  • Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€20


3. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

It's impossible to miss the scars of war in Sarajevo, from the red resin-filled mortar holes ("Sarajevo Roses”), to the museums that document the horrors of Sniper Alley. But today Sarajevo is one of Europe's most welcoming cities: Enjoy the cafe culture (Bosnian coffee is excellent and only 50c), and discover some of the many tucked-away drinking holes. The club scene is also renowned, if that's your thing.



  • Guided walking tour
  • Day trip to Jajce and Travnik


Daily costs:

  • Basic: €25, moderate: €40
  • Hostel/budget: €12/€25


4. Estonia’s Baltic coast

With a stunning coastline, some pretty islands and vast forested national parks like Lahemaa - there's lots for outdoorsy-types to enjoy in Estonia. What's more, it's a darn sight cheaper than the French Riviera. For a summertime beach visit, consider the resort of Pärnu to the west. And if you prefer city breaks, Tallinn is a great choice.



  • Walking tour of Tallinn
  • Industrial Stalker Bike Tour in Kalamaja District


Daily costs:

  • Basic: €50, moderate: €70
  • Hostel/budget hotel: €22/€45


5. Czechia (Czech Republic)

Prague is not as cheap as it once was, but it's just as beautiful - and the beer still only costs 1.50 euros! Aside from the superb Pilsner beers and numerous microbreweries, Czechia offers a lot more. Visit nearby Olomouc - like a smaller, quieter, cheaper Prague.



  • Walking tour of Prague Castle
  • Dine in a riverboat


Daily costs:

  • Basic: €40, moderate: €50
  • Hostel/budget hotel: €15/€40




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