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Three (Trendy) Square Meals in Berlin

Posted on 14 December 2017 by Rob Lander

Rob Lander explores three of the German capital's in-vogue restaurants, consuming a trio of sublime meals in unique settings.

It might be located just off the famed Friedrichstraße, but Cookies Cream is rather tricky to find. I assumed that, like many trendy venues in Berlin, it was by design that it threw a few hurdles down - ostensibly to attract only the keenest of foodies, and perhaps dissuade the hoi poloi.

I was delighted to find it worth the taxation of my navigation skills which, even when augmented with online maps, are minimal. Despite being a vegetarian establishment, I discovered there were precisely zero rice or pasta dishes on the menu, which is often a sign of a creative meat-free eatery.

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Laying Bare the Mysteries of The Rural Thai Sauna

Posted on 14 December 2017 by Craig Hindmarsh

Craig Hindmarsh seeks out a traditional, rural sauna in the sleepy backwaters of Thailand’s Esan region.

Thailand is not famed for its saunas – at least not of the type that feature in family holiday brochures. And most of the establishments that appear on Google are located in Bangkok, suggesting a dearth of saunas elsewhere.

Indeed, in Esan Province, nearly four hundred miles north of the capital, you're unlikely to find any saunas listed on the Internet. But they do exist. These are small, family-run affairs, frequented by men and women of all ages and backgrounds. To me, their complete lack of web presence gives them an intriguing word-of-mouth, speak-easy vibe.

An ex-pat friend of mine suggested we seek out one place he'd heard about. Curious to know what constituted a rural Thai sauna, I agreed.

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Alluring Alassio on Italy’s Ligurian Coast

Posted on 13 December 2017 by Linda Hall

Linda Hall arrives in enchanting Alassio, intent on finding out why Britons – great and good – once found this area so enchanting.

I gazed through the plane window at the bucolic Ligurian coast below, as the fellow Brit in the adjacent seat told me her plan to hike in Cinque Terre, then enjoy the glamour of Portofino. Both destinations were east of Genoa airport. I explained that I was heading in the opposite direction – west – to the picturesque town of Allasio.

These days Britons are a rare sight in Alassio – and not only because of the weak pound and worries over Brexit. This coastal settlement has dropped off the UK holidaymaker's radar for some unexplained reason – which, as I would discover, is a great shame.

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