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Three (Trendy) Square Meals in Berlin

Posted on 14 December 2017 by Rob Lander

Rob Lander explores three of the German capital's in-vogue restaurants, consuming a trio of sublime meals in unique settings.

It might be located just off the famed Friedrichstraße, but Cookies Cream is rather tricky to find. I assumed that, like many trendy venues in Berlin, it was by design that it threw a few hurdles down - ostensibly to attract only the keenest of foodies, and perhaps dissuade the hoi poloi.

I was delighted to find it worth the taxation of my navigation skills which, even when augmented with online maps, are minimal. Despite being a vegetarian establishment, I discovered there were precisely zero rice or pasta dishes on the menu, which is often a sign of a creative meat-free eatery.

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A Seafood Odyssey in Galway

Posted on 01 November 2017 by Jinny Westacott

Jinny Westacott and her partner explore historic Galway – but history soon takes a back seat to the area’s extraordinary seafood restaurants.

As the sea mist rolled in over the mighty cliffs of Mohr, we told ourselves this was why we came: for the desolate beauty of the rocks, contrasting with the rolling greenery of Galway's hinterland.

But in truth, all we could think of was our next meal.

The night before we’d taken our seats at Oscar's Seafood Bistro, in the heart of vibrant Galway. Cosy yet classy, Oscar's attentive staff had fed us some of the finest seafood of our lives: the wild prawns in garlic were a revelation, as were the sought-after Marty's Mussels.

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Eat Japan: Tasty Bites & Culinary Delights in Japan's Big Cities

Posted on 19 September 2017 by Joshua Marsh

Joshua Marsh samples the gastronomic wonders of Japan’s big cities and finds a diverse realm of tasty street snacks and unequalled beefsteaks.


Armed with my Japan Rail Pass, I hot foot it by Shinkansen from Tokyo's Narita Airport and hit up the neon-drenched streets of Osaka, in search of culinary fulfilment.

Without its dazzling splashes of light and gaudy shop fronts, Osaka would be a little drab, being as it is the ultimate concrete jungle. But I wasn’t here to appraise the architecture. I was here to eat.

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